I am currently an Associate Professor in the Mathematics Department at W&L and have been here since 2012. Born in the UK, I grew up in Australia and originally came over to the USA to do a PhD. Prior to W&L, I held faculty positions at the University of Massachusetts (Amherst) and Smith College.

I’ve always enjoyed mathematics although it did not become clear to me that it might be possible to pursue an academic career until I was an undergraduate. I’m particularly interested in topics in algebra, number theory and discrete mathematics, but do not like to pigeonhole myself. Much interesting mathematics happens when these areas interact with others.

I have a side interest in recreational and contest mathematics and sometimes teach the Math 401 (Putnam Prep) course. I’m also interested in the sciences more broadly, especially particle and astrophysics and theoretical computer science.

Coordinates:  201 Chavis Hall, bushm<at>wlu<dot>edu, 540-458-8801.